Sled city

Snow happens. Although in my old age it seems wiser to remain sedentary during snowy weather, occasionally irrationality gets the better of me. The following short film includes people sledding with skill, as well as me running into trees and falling off ledges. Enjoy.


It’s snowing

Sometimes in winter it snows. So in these times, I find it best to do as Ben Franklin famously said and, ” get out there and shred it brah!”

Now we all know Ben Franklin didn’t say that (it was Aaron Burr moments before his duel with Alexander Hamilton). However I have tried my absolute best to get out there and enjoy the winter weather. Ski trips, winter rides, you name it (but mainly those two things).

On the eve of what many say will be a solid snow situation (S3 extreme as Jefferson used to say), I would like to share some snow related activities completed over the past few months. With any luck, I will be taking part in these recreational actives soon.