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Hawaii is a really neat place. In what is truly a very small amount of land, there exists an intense amount of beauty. Massive cliffs, amazing water, gorgeous beaches, inspiring jungles, and an innate passion for foam hats. These are things I will always remember about Hawaii.

My trip was multi-faceted. The first portion consists of some very cool hikes, beach trips, snorkeling, and all other matter of vacation excellence. Although pictures would have sufficed, I was recently gifted a GoPro (a replacement for older toys), and thus you the reader must now sit through a home movie. I apologize in advance.

Stay tuned for more super excellent Hawaii videos. Mahalo for watching!


On the road

Traveling is a lot of fun. You get to see new places and do new things. Lately I’ve been seeing quite a bit for both professional or personal trips, and the vistas have all been great. Although sleep can often be diminished, there have certainly been worse tragedies in life than jet-lag.


It’s snowing

Sometimes in winter it snows. So in these times, I find it best to do as Ben Franklin famously said and, ” get out there and shred it brah!”

Now we all know Ben Franklin didn’t say that (it was Aaron Burr moments before his duel with Alexander Hamilton). However I have tried my absolute best to get out there and enjoy the winter weather. Ski trips, winter rides, you name it (but mainly those two things).

On the eve of what many say will be a solid snow situation (S3 extreme as Jefferson used to say), I would like to share some snow related activities completed over the past few months. With any luck, I will be taking part in these recreational actives soon.

Into the woods

The woods are where all the good stuff happens. Outdoor activities, action sports, and of course bachelor parties. Although I normally go to West Virginia for the downtown atmosphere, this time was exclusively for barricading in a cabin and having a bachelor party.

Although my first bachelor party, I’ve seen all the movies, so I totally know what to expect. At a young age I saw the American cinema classic Very Bad Things, and came to the party ready for anything. This included bone saws, hydrofluoric acid, plastic bins, and of course a couple reliable hangover cures.

However the night and subsequent days ended up being rather tame, and consisted of your average run of the mill binge drinking. I also got in a super ride with my wartime consigliere, El Generalisimo. Take a look.

Don’t block the box

While commuting, nothing steams my clams more than blocking the box. What is this blocking of the box you ask? At a four-way intersection, this is when the lanes of traffic selfishly stack up into the intersection in a failed attempt to make it through, and then block other lanes of traffic. It takes every ounce of self control not to viciously attack these people.

Observe a typical blocking of the box scenario

Observe a typical blocking of the box scenario

The people who commit this act must not be very intelligent. Maybe this is a little extreme, however perpetrators of this heinous crime are rude, short sighted and inconsiderate. I often try to imagine what they are thinking inside of their tiny heads, and how they have justified their actions. The short answer is that I can never find justification for their actions. Imagine the scene in the picture above.The bus and cars headed towards the top of the picture have decided that they are more important than everyone else, and they will now intentionally impede traffic in order to assure that they get where they are going. However they will end up not doing this, and simply create a larger mess aka gridlock. This is the equivalent of being mad that there is a line for the toilet, then proceeding to pee on the ground and everyone else waiting for the toilet, thereby encouraging others to do the same and ultimately causing pandemonium and the breakdown of society.

DC has had enough, likely due to them knowing how mad it makes me.

So next time you think it wise to block the box, instead follow these easy steps:

  1. End yourself
  2. Repeat step one

F*@# the woods, give me some toys

As I’m sure everyone knows, the outdoor community is outraged with a Toys ‘R’ Us commercial that has recently come out. Basically, it shows a gaggle of children getting onto an outdoor education bus, and then being pleasantly surprised that they will not be learning about the outdoors, but instead going to Toys ‘R’ Us. See the commercial below.

Needless to say, my fellow outdoor enthusiasts are totally un-stoked about this, because of the obvious association that says the outdoors and outdoor education are boring, and materialism and toys are good/better.

I’m torn on being upset. How about the fact that my fellow outdoor amigos and I spend inordinate amounts of money on material items called ‘outdoor gear’ (but really toys one uses outdoors). And dig a little deeper here towards the ‘behind the scenes’ and one learns that these children are from Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters. So these kids could use a toy, and the outdoor community could perhaps learn to chill a bit.

Regardless of their deserving manner, it appears this is not really touched upon in the advertisement. What is touched upon is that the outdoors are boring, and toys are fun/better. For a 6-11 year old, I sadly think this might be true. But this is likely due to the fact that they don’t really have fun associations with the outdoors. Children grow up in suburbs or cities with no positive association to the woods and the outdoors. And the outdoor education cliche of being boring is frankly speaking, often times true. What 6-11 year old wants to learn about trees and leaves? Lets immediately fix this by making the outdoors fun for the same reason adults love the outdoors, it’s an adventure. Children love adventures, and they love fun, which is why they love toys. The second we make the outdoors fun, is the second that children will grow up cherishing them, and thus have the desire to protect and defend them later on. I say we need more programs that bring children to the woods to play, that turn the outdoors into a playground, that make it an adventure. Let’s present the outdoors to children in a manner that a child would understand, not in the manner that a botanist would understand.

This kid is having fun outdoors, and will always have fun outdoors

This kid is having fun outdoors, and will thus always have fun outdoors (sadly this is not me as a child)

I loved the outdoors at a young age. This is because I was fortunate enough to be a part of groups that put me in adventurous and fun outdoor programs, as well as having parents that supported my desires to explore local trails and country parks. Once the activity is fun, then the desire to learn and be an advocate will follow.

Also, if I had a nickle for every time I ran through Toys ‘R’ Us like a maniac as a child, I would be able to afford that new GoPro.

In with the new, out with the old

But more like ‘to someone else with the old’.

This was the theme of my past week, when I suddenly wondered how fast I could sell my bike. I like this bike, but use it for utilitarian purposes, and it has no real sentimental value to me. In fact, no bike has any real sentimental value to me, they are just tools to accomplish a task.

It served me well

It served me well

Above is the bike in question. So I went on over to the bike section of Craigslist, but not before checking out the scourge of humanity that exist on the personals. Pro tip: if you want to find the lowest, saddest, and most depressing representation of the human condition, pay a visit to the personals on Craigslist. Sorry in advance if: you found your significant other there, you post there, whatever. Also don’t tell me you’ve never wondered about it, DONT LIE TO ME.

Anyway, so I put together a nice little post, and sent it on its way to the wide world of Craigslist ads. Short story short, within the next two hours, I had sold the bike, and it was gone the next day. So then I went online, found a cool new bike and bought it same day. Here it is.

Its green

It’s green

So yea, that’s kind of it. Sometimes you just gotta switch it up and keep it fresh you know? Also don’t ever visit the personals at Craigslist, especially those with photos. There are some things you can’t unsee.