Italy ahoy!

Holiday trips are very now. 10 bucks if you can name the location.


Wow, some neat photos.




It’s been a good summer. Lots of new things, and lots of great travels. With all these new experiences, some certainly stick out more than others. A visit to the Switzerland round of the World Cup Mountain Bike circuit certainly proved to be amazing experience worthy of a good old home movie. Take a look!

Sled city

Snow happens. Although in my old age it seems wiser to remain sedentary during snowy weather, occasionally irrationality gets the better of me. The following short film includes people sledding with skill, as well as me running into trees and falling off ledges. Enjoy.

Mangrove madness

A recent long weekend down in sunny Florida provided some lovely relaxation and great sites. Of particular enjoyment was a morning kayak trip in Jim Neville Marine Preserve on Siesta Key. Consisting of numerous mangrove tributaries and even a navigable abandoned shark study facility, the park provides a real treat. Some photos!

C&O ahoy

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal operated from 1830 to 1924, and covers a distance 0f 184.5 miles from Washington D.C. to Cumberland Maryland. The path is now a national park.

This past weekend I and three others rode our bikes from Washington D.C to Sheperdstown, WV, mile 0 to mile 75. It was a challenging trip, filled with awesome views and great times. After a refreshing evening in West Virginia, we rode back to D.C. Truly an excellent out-and-back adventure, one that I would recommend to anyone looking to see and experience some of the greatest sights in the region.

And a video!

Hana Highway

Not too long ago I went to my very first bachelor party. While there, and after hearing I was planning a trip to Hawaii, I was immediately told “you must ride the Hana Highway“.

If you are too lazy to click the link you might be asking yourself, what is the Hana Highway? It’s basically an extremely scenic highway that runs along the north/northeast of Maui, leading to the town of, you guessed it, Hana. So we flew to Maui with just our backpacks, rented some nice road bikes, and rode the 50-or-so miles to Hana. Although we had an excellent time hanging in Hana after our arrival, me sitting on the beach drinking rum makes for an even worse video than the ride there and back. So without further stalling, here is the Road to Hana.