Don’t block the box

While commuting, nothing steams my clams more than blocking the box. What is this blocking of the box you ask? At a four-way intersection, this is when the lanes of traffic selfishly stack up into the intersection in a failed attempt to make it through, and then block other lanes of traffic. It takes every ounce of self control not to viciously attack these people.

Observe a typical blocking of the box scenario

Observe a typical blocking of the box scenario

The people who commit this act must not be very intelligent. Maybe this is a little extreme, however perpetrators of this heinous crime are rude, short sighted and inconsiderate. I often try to imagine what they are thinking inside of their tiny heads, and how they have justified their actions. The short answer is that I can never find justification for their actions. Imagine the scene in the picture above.The bus and cars headed towards the top of the picture have decided that they are more important than everyone else, and they will now intentionally impede traffic in order to assure that they get where they are going. However they will end up not doing this, and simply create a larger mess aka gridlock. This is the equivalent of being mad that there is a line for the toilet, then proceeding to pee on the ground and everyone else waiting for the toilet, thereby encouraging others to do the same and ultimately causing pandemonium and the breakdown of society.

DC has had enough, likely due to them knowing how mad it makes me.

So next time you think it wise to block the box, instead follow these easy steps:

  1. End yourself
  2. Repeat step one

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