In with the new, out with the old

But more like ‘to someone else with the old’.

This was the theme of my past week, when I suddenly wondered how fast I could sell my bike. I like this bike, but use it for utilitarian purposes, and it has no real sentimental value to me. In fact, no bike has any real sentimental value to me, they are just tools to accomplish a task.

It served me well

It served me well

Above is the bike in question. So I went on over to the bike section of Craigslist, but not before checking out the scourge of humanity that exist on the personals. Pro tip: if you want to find the lowest, saddest, and most depressing representation of the human condition, pay a visit to the personals on Craigslist. Sorry in advance if: you found your significant other there, you post there, whatever. Also don’t tell me you’ve never wondered about it, DONT LIE TO ME.

Anyway, so I put together a nice little post, and sent it on its way to the wide world of Craigslist ads. Short story short, within the next two hours, I had sold the bike, and it was gone the next day. So then I went online, found a cool new bike and bought it same day. Here it is.

Its green

It’s green

So yea, that’s kind of it. Sometimes you just gotta switch it up and keep it fresh you know? Also don’t ever visit the personals at Craigslist, especially those with photos. There are some things you can’t unsee.


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