Tiny femurs, bummer

Whenever you do something a lot, you generally want to do it better and better. And by better and better, I mean you want it to stop hurting when you do it. No I’m not talking about a more efficient back hand for the S&M club, I’m talking about bike fit.

"same rules as a mechanical bull"

“same rules as a mechanical bull”

Finding the right position on a bike can open up a whole new world of insecurities, because it makes you dwell on all the things you thought were correct but now  know are wrong (kinda made me think of creationists who read a book for the first time). Knowing all the false knowledge you shlept around for all these years, just think about what else is wrong? I like to think I took it in strides. Things I learned:

  1. My femurs are off the charts! like in a bad way though, they are super tiny.
  2. My feet are big, and my shoes are likely too small. And seeing as how they already look like boats, this does not bode well for an already over-taxed shoe rack.
  3. I fit in-between two different bike sizes. So neither will be amazing, both will be solid.
  4. When an onlooker asks if you’re a professional because you “look serious”, say yes; don’t say “no I only do this for fun”. Because the follow up of a confused yet insulting stare isn’t worth it.

In all, my bike fit was an enjoyable and professional experience that I can honestly say was totally worth it. You leave more comfortable, and depending on how you handle criticism, better off for it.

A special thanks to the good folks at Bike Doctor Waldorf!


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