Black gold down

I, like many, enjoy coffee.

I’m not over the top per say, however I do enjoy what some have referred to as black gold (some say this is actually a term for oil, however coffee is number two next to oil for most traded commodity, so lets roll with it).

One thing that anyone can figure out right away is that coffee can cost a good amount of money. Purchasing a good ol’ cup of Joe these days is a real drag, and will certainly leave you broke. The solution? Buy a coffee machine!

The first coffee machine I have dealt with? It was Mr. Coffee. Mr. Coffee was a real POS. He was in the apartment and was something we dealt with. He had no features, and simply was there. He never really broke, but was never something anyone really liked, as the coffee always left a ‘whatever’ sensation. Coffee machine number two, Senor Cafe, wasn’t even a coffee machine, it was some kind of cheap, older espresso type machine. I’m told it worked at some point, however I never witnessed this. During its first use, it failed to work, and during maintenance it exploded, literally. Next on the timeline was RoboCoffee, which was a coffee machine of the future, complete with gadgets and screens. It was a cool machine, right up until it died, unceremoniously. What then you ask? Well I’ll tell you what, I gave up with the modern world, and did french press, Monsieur Cafe we called him. All this lasted until Christmas, when I was gifted a real game changer, a fully functional espresso machine from Italy.

All hail, the mighty Signori!

All hail, the mighty Signori!

Thus began the reign of The Signori. The Signori was a fantastic machine, capable of producing any espresso beverage, however was used mostly for single and double shots. As this beverage evolved to  define me as a person, so did the Signori ingrain himself into my life as an integral and requisite part of who I was. However, as all things in life, the term of the Signori was cut tragically short. He died, from unknown causes in July.

Now I am again without a special somebody in my life, helping me brew delicious beverages. The happy ending here? Non so far. Its just a sad tale of coffee machines, and how they come into my life, and then break my heart, time and time again.

I’ve got three to four problems, and a derelict coffee machine is all of them.

UPDATE: The warranty gods have spoken, and they have said “here’s a new coffee machine”. I therefore welcome to the history of coffee machines The Signori Duo. Live long and prosper little dude.

Those two glowing lights can mean only one thing, cafe time!

Those two glowing lights can mean only one thing, it’s coffee time!


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