DIY? More like kill yourself

Some of you no doubt have seen this ever popular video of an outfitting company who went out and built the “worlds largest/craziest swing.”

Now this looks like a very interesting and terrifying activity. However it appears to be administered by an outdoor outfitter and presumably with large attention to detail and safety. Although this makes me feel alright about the activity, it saddens me to report that someone took their monkey-see-monkey-do instincts to a unfortunate place, and killed themselves attempting to recreate this activity.

Sheriff’s Lt. Kim Neal reported that the “length of rope to swing from the arch was miscalculated and when [Stocking] swung under the arch, he struck the ground . . . receiving fatal injuries.”

This is a more successful execution of the giant swing.

This is a more successful execution of the giant swing.

Even though I kinda feel bad for this person, another part of me doesn’t feel bad at all. How thick does someone have to be in order to think this activity can be put together in an afternoon with a cursory understanding of rope dynamics? I suppose the answer is someone with a very poor sense of judgment and an even worse grasp on rope stretch and geometry.

In any case, this should be a cautionary tale to all the ‘do it yourselfers’ out there. When attempting to set up a hundred foot drop swing in the desert, don’t.


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