You win some you lose some

Sometimes things move so fast it’s hard to even focus on what is happening. These are the times when important things tend to happen, both good and bad. I am now eager to share a couple things that have happened to me recently. I found a job, and thus began the process of setting down some roots. I quickly found a house, I moved into the house, and the house was burglarized almost immediately. This unfortunate burglary has ironically given me several things, one of which is an immediate free pass from ‘white people problems’ for at least a month or so. The event has also made me a little bit jumpy, afraid of my own shadow, and it has additionally given me a great excuse for why I choose not to share my sad little thoughts with the internet for some time.

Although I jest slightly about my poor luck, it does raise some interesting issues. One of which is my general malaise about the entire event. I am not super angry, I’m not super freaked out, and the only aspect I’m really thinking about on a regular basis is did the bandits get my new carpet dirty (it appears like we are in the clear). But I do want to know why I’m so blasé on this. Have a lifetime of white people problems allowed me to handle this decidedly real life issue in a mature fashion? Has my hectic schedule of the past couple months made me too tired to react? Many potential answers exist, however I’m no closer to an answer than I was the moment I walked up to my “artfully” disassembled front door and then emotionlessly reacted from then until now.

I truly wish I could have made my burglary more exciting, but I wasn't even home alone.

I truly wish I could have made my burglary more exciting, but I wasn’t even able to use my extensive knowledge of Rube Goldberg devices.

The burglary took from me not only my false sense of security, but also my porn machine/face book device. My appliance held numerous pictures I had set aside for a large and potentially lovely jaunt down my past several months since returning from my adventure abroad. However I will now simply have to share all the things left over on my phone. Please enjoy,


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