Good ol’ down home fun

Sometimes you just gotta escape the harsh realities of the city. Traffic, pollution, cab drivers, Whole-Foods; all of these things add to the modern scourges of society.  That’s why this past weekend it was necessary to escape all this and visit real America.

To start the weekend off, it had to be some good ol’ American bike racing. This particular bike race would be a 40 km time trial, an individual event against the clock. Entering the category which forbids any aerodynamic equipment, I did well enough to nail the win. This is actually really cool, because it doesn’t really matter what you win, it’s jut fun to win. Following the race, we moseyed on over to some local car racing, and got a taste of the real American past time. After an hour or so of hard hitting local racing racing and inhaling fumes, we made our way back to the housing for the evening and enjoyed some good ol’ country uh, Indian curry.

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Following some sleeping, the next brought some dirt road ridin’ with two separate black bear sightings, and an idealic farm visit.

All in all, a great way to escape the smugness of the city. The country is just so more refined.


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