Greetings America

It’s been quite some time since my ship has sailed from Costa Rica, and then run aground in the good ol’ USA. While here in the land that I have learned was actually occupied by Mormons for nearly all of time (I just learned this during the Book of Mormon), I have begun to put things back in place. Activities such as doctor visitis, trips to the DMV, and slowly trying to regain vestiges of physical fitness have all been on the docket for me, and have been going quite well. In my first week back, I spent my time in everyones favorite vacation spot, New Jersey. While there I had a visitor in my parter in crime and we committed to several nice rides, purchased my first smartphone, enjoyed lovely meals, did some pants shopping, saw a broadway play, saw some culture at the Met, over consumed at an all you can eat and drink sushi bar, and did other neat stuff.

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After this, my time has taken me back to the capital of this great land, Washington, D.C. Since being in this great location, I have been involved in some fun stuff too, including but not limited too some bicycle competitions, a trip to Bethany beach, a brewery tour of Dogfishhead, and some nights on the town as they say.  All in all, the reintroduction has been super plush and about as easy as it gets.

Lets see if I can keep it going.


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