Ciao Costa Rica!

As most good things in life, they often come to end. Such is the case with my time in Costa Rica. After a little over a year in the rich coast, I am now back in the good ol’ USA. Although it has been sad to leave the place I called home, it’s simultaneously good to be back amongst old friends and family.

Views and mornings like this will surely be missed

In any case, I will look upon my time fondly and remember every experience to the fullest. Costa Rica has taught me many things, most of all to appreciate everything I encounter (I could have said a ton of pseudo inspirations stuff there but I felt that the least intrusive). My last week or so in the rich coast was certainly busy, with work wrapping up and my attempts to squeeze as much fun in as possible. Below you will find a short video with some scenes of my last night out, as well as some of my favorite views from Costa Rica.

So what’s next you ask? Well stay tuned, as like all things in this world, life goes on!


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