Crying in the fetal position

Warning: it’s another bike riding post.

So this past weekend I headed down to the hot and humid region in the northeast of the country for a long, but flat, bike ride. The highlight for the ride had to be the crossing of a very large river, which was done in two sections. The first was over a long (approx. 1 km) abandoned train bridge, and the second was a waste deep river crossing. To be totally honest, the bridge scared me quite a bit. I have done many things involving large heights and dangerous activities, but for whatever reason walking across this old bridge made me extremely nervous. Maybe it was because all the wooden support beams were very slick, or perhaps it was because most were rotting and falling apart when I stepped on them, or perhaps because in between each support beam there was just enough room for me to fall through to my death. Regardless of what was making me nervous I made it across, and then finished it all off with a climb down the safest ladder I have ever seen in my life.

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The next portion of our crossing was a river, which came in two portions. The first portions was only knee deep at most, followed by a chest deep section. This more than anything else made me wonder how my companions managed to keep all their phones/cameras dry. It seems they can forge a river and still have a functioning phone, where as a week of humidity killed anything/everything I owned.

In any case, the ride was a fine practice in personal challenges, and also a practice in sweating for 5 hours straight.


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