Some lunch and some canopy tours

Canopy tours are all the rage these days. And since our crew is above nothing, we made the zipline a destination. But first, it was necessary to head to the best lunch spot ever. Yodito (which interestingly enough means cafe in Costa Rican slang). There we dinned on fine assortment of fish casados ( interestingly enough a casado is a Costa Rican traditional dish consisting of  a meat, rice, beans, salad, or another imaginative assortment of sides).

The famed Yodito

After dinning like kings and queens we got in a cab and headed over to the zip line joint. There we suited up in our awesome outfits, joined by my “dead-eyes” wielding coworker.

Looking good

We hopped on a truck, got out, hiked up a ridge and then got hooked in for 40 minutes of high octane adventure! Take a look below for some evidence of this.

Stop please

So that’s it. The next day, with great sadness, I said goodbye to my friends and they returned to the land of milk and honey whist I remain here in the land of jungle rot and bananas. And coffee. And general tropical niceness.


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