The old woman’s corner

Rincon de la Vieja. This hidden gem of the north is a park with spectacular hiking and very cool volcanic features. Although it was originally the plan to visit here earlier, this was foiled by some rather intense 4×4 action. However we were intent on returning, and return we did.

This time around we went for the far more popular and visited ‘estacion pilas’, which offered a far more reasonable road for our trusty Yaris and a multitude of hiking options. Once there we set off for an afternoon of hiking, which included numerous boiling mud pits, sulfur springs and other strange volcanic anomalies. Take a look!

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After cooling down in a lovely natural spring, we headed out to our little villa for the night (complete with full kitchen/2 bedrooms/living room and a porch-what a deal!). While there we visited  tiny river and did additional swimming, made a tasty dinner, and went right to bed. The following day we woke up had a delicious breakfast, then made our way to San Jose. All in all a very vanilla day.

Tune in next time for more super painful fun!


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