Life’s a beach

After the failed attempt to camp and hike like the bad asses I know my friends and myself to be, we made a b-line straight for the beach. Which was cool.

I can just feel the stress melting away

The destination for our beach portion was Playa Brasalito, which is flanked by the famed Playa Conchal and the average Playa Flamingo. After finding our hostel and settling in, we prepared for several days of beaching with lovely meals and all that stuff. A day at the beach was certainly our reward for the previous days stress-fest Yaris 4×4 excursion.  Following a tasty lunch accompanied by beers in a bucket (the hallmark of any vacation), we returned to the pool and did nothing more than exist. That evening we met up with the burrito wielding co-worker who was also traveling with a group of friends from back home. After speaking with his posse, we decided the next day will be our last at this location, and we would be transferring to a different beach farther south, where would camp on the beach and enjoy some delicious foods.

I can think of less cool things to do

So after a fantastic morning at Playa Conchal, we left for Playa Avellans. While arriving and setting up for an evening of camping, we arranged for a fish to be murdered for us. We then sat down and enjoyed the beautiful scene and pondered about our delicious fish being caught just for us. No sooner did we stop to smell the roses, then our dinner arrived. At this point we began mercilessly preparing the fish for its cooking. After a serious scaling session (say that 5 times fast), we grilled and then devoured the fish. Our happy tummies were then induced a serious food coma and we all passed out in what has to be one of the best camping spots period.

thats a very dead fish

Waking up to the sounds of the water is sweet, I’m not gonna lie to you. Thus it was a sad moment when we packed up our camping equipment, said our goodbyes to the camp site folks, and began the next portion of our trip, the return to Rincon de la Vieja. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn.

Tune in next time for the exciting continuation!


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