Friends ahoy!

It seems like only yesterday that I was the host to several friends from my former life. The famed Partner in Crime and two additional friends joined me for an exciting and diverse trip through many parts of the rich coast.  I am going to make this a multi-post deal, as I want to milk as many posts as I can from this.

After a successful meet and greet at the airport, we headed off the the car rental facility and took temporary ownership of the best off-road vehicle known to man, the Toyota Yaris.  Following a fun and exciting drive back to the Nations Capital (of Costa Rica), we called it a day and slept in preparation for an exciting day 2. Waking up with the sun, the group put on their finest rafting attire and traveled down to the lush Orosi Valley for a day of rafting. The Orosi River offers a fast and furious rafting experience, consisting of a steady flow of technical class II/III rapids. After an exhilarating 1st run down the river, the group hit the reset button and prepared for run numero dos. However this time, I would be rafting in a ducky (inflatable kayak) and doing my best not to drag my face alongside the river bottom the entire time. This was a very fun experience, however I have no visual proof of my escapades. After two fantastic trips down the river, the tired group had a lovely river side lunch and headed back. Take a look at the video below, which was filmed by my co-worker who duckyied/duckied/ducked/whatever down the river during the first run. Pay special attention, and you can see a glimps of the group in the video.

After heading back to base the group showered up and prepared for a lovely evening at the famed Pizote resturant and bar. Being joined by a whole slew of Outward Bound staff, a fantastic evening of social beverages and finely cooked pork dishes were enjoyed by all.

Everyone enjoys their meal with gusto

Tune next time for the exciting continuation of this fantastic adventure!


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