Hola Rio San Juan!

In keeping with my plan of riding the bike in as much of Costa Rica as possible, I have continued my adventures to the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. With my friendly band of Ticos in tow (but really a friendly band of Ticos with me in tow), we bused it down to the middle of no where, but technically around the Puerto Viejo area. After applying a copious amount of sunscreen and strapping on a bag of water to my back, we set off for our 4 hour tour.

All strapped up and ready to go!

Immediately after starting, we went 7 or 8 km out of our way and got lost, a great way to start any ride if you ask me. After getting back on route, I was treated to open tracks and beautiful views. At the first break of the day for our motely crew, it was highly suggested I switch my ride with one of the other fellows.

If you can't tell, this is not normal.

Continuing along on our adventure we eventually made it to small town full of fairly unhappy looking people which borders the Rio San Juan, the dividing line between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Hooray for the great Tico/Nica relationship!

From the interesting sights at the river, it was off to a brand new “road” that runs along the border/Rio San Juan which is currently under construction. After riding through what looked the scene in Avatar when the bulldozers of the future roll through the rainforest of the future making roads, we transfered back to dirt track running through farm after farm. Finishing up exactly where we started, the 90-100 degree weather had certainly took its toll on me. However regardless of finishing the day with 5 pounds less water weight, it was still an amazing trip with sites you can only see in the rich coast.

Seems like as good a place as any to finish a ride.


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