Although I am not exactly a bastion of regular posts, I admit there has been a rather severe gap in the epic tale of my winter vacation. This has almost 100% to do with the fact that I was sent out onto a course here at Costa Rica Outward Bound. Although the experience was fantastic, the “heads up” was left lacking with only a 12 hour “heads up” prior to my departure the following morning. I will of course be sharing this experience, however at the moment we need to focus on the next chapter in my rather vanilla winter vacation.

So where did we leave off, oh yes, skiing. Following a hearty 11-12 hour drive from Ohio (land of freedom), my partner in crime and I arrived in Vermont, the white people capital of the United States. Although Vermont has a proud and lovely indigenous population, during winter it is hard to actually even meet anyone from Vermont. You will instead be greeted by people from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the military grade SUVs attached to these out-of-state licence plates are used only for the annual trip to Vermont. Just sayin.

So upon settling into our lovely mountain side bungalow, we jumped immediately into a lovely week of skiing, tasty meals and family card games. A rather wholesome engagement when all said and done. I am trying hard to describe some other things that we did, but it just gets way too vanilla from here on out and I honestly don’t think anyone can/wants to handle the amount of white going on.

Following the magical times spent in Vermont, it was time for me to depart back to my homeland, Costa Rica, where I continue to share and spread the ways of being vanilla.

I also will be sharing a video that was made using a go pro camera, something that by now I am sure every male from the age of 5 to 45 has in order to film every thing from their extreme skate board tricks to their most impressive bowel movements.

Painfully Vanilla: Ski-cation from Eric Bodge on Vimeo.


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