Dinners, Drinks and Dive Bombs

Well here we are again back recalling all the great times I had over the Christmas break. We have such good fun don’t we?

Following my big night out, the adventures continued. I got a haircut, went to some malls  and even drove in some traffic. I took part in numerous dinners- including a progressive dinner (I recommend it), family time galore as well as a constant flow of adult beverages. I can’t say enough about the copious and delicious food. The fun was constant and great. Eventually christmas time came, and it was finally time to open my toys. I got quite a number of lovely items, and I can honestly say I was surprised by some of the thoughtfulness and quality of gifts. I truly did make out like a bandit. The list of my bounty is long and prestigious, so I will save everyone the experience and simply share stories about some of my gifts when the time is right. After the 3rd Christmas, my body and mind were overwhellemed and fatigued from all the action, but I had to get rested up for the full day of driving to the next portion of my merry trip, some skiing in the great American North East.

However before I could drive off into the sunrise, there was more action. My partner in crime’s uncle (PICU) was curious if I would like the opportunity to fly his airplane, which seems like a question along the lines of would you like a whole ton of money? Why yes I would.

Gee wiz, it's an airplane!

Now when someone asks if you wanna fly a plane, I honestly expect some token stick time while getting a chance to mess around a bit, but just enough to feel special. How wrong that assumption was. My tutorial consisted mostly of my PICU pushing in the throttle and saying “you better turn and go towards the runway”. “Ok so when the speed is 60 pull up but not too hard or else we’ll stall and crash. And keep it steady so we don’t go off the runway”.

This is is your captain speaking, please start praying.

So I then took off, flew around, played some games with clouds, made the passengers in the plane ill and set us up for a landing. Setting up for landing meant me aiming for the runway, then once we were about 50 feet from crashing into the ground, the big kids took over. Good times in Ohio, the last bastion of the American dream.

Final approach/final moments on earth.

Then we drove like 13 hours to Vermont. It was pretty but took a long time. I don’t recommend it to people who don’t like cars.

I don’t really like cars.


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