Three days on the river. And it was fun too.

As a, enoyable little thing to do prior to end of the year, some of the cool kids at my organization went a 3-day rafting trip down the Rio General. A longer river by Costa Rican standards, it requires bringing enough gear for three days of bouncing down the river. Two rafts filled with people and one raft filled to to the gills with all the camping needs, it was an motley armada to say the least.

Our merry band!

1st day was lots of rapids and cool water stuff. 2nd day was way cool, with super awesome rapids and hydrodynamic anomalies. At one point we stacked the rafts on top of each other in a perpendicular fashion, than rode down the river on the top. I still can’t believe it worked, however I can believe this position made it very easy for our guides to flip us all in the water, which did occur. Also found some super weird spot that allows you to surf in the middle of the river, which was very very cool, to say the least. However by no means do I wish to bore the reader with endless “awesome” stories, so 3rd day, cool as well, fairly tame, yet relaxing and enjoyable. Rio General, you were great, hope to see you soon.

Or later, thats cool too.

And now some excess photos for your enjoyment.

The Galley!

Camping for everyone!


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