A bunch of show offs if you ask me

A couple of weeks ago I was able to pay visit to an art display from a couple who bicycled their way around South America.  This Costa Rican couple documented their journey quite well, and shared some of their more artistic photos in a super hip art house, along with their bikes and other things. It was a lovely (free wine and snacks!!!) evening and a very impressive display of endurance cycling, which after learning about it makes me think far more patience is needed than physical ability, as it took them over a year and a half to complete the journey.

Wagner Calderón and Laura Ávila at the Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia

So no more than a week later, some folks at our organization run into another pair of folks riding bikes for way too long, this time from Canada down to Chile. This pair of intrepid Americans has been at it for a couple months, and have done a great job documenting their journeys (rather graphically at times).

Bret and Ryan trying their best to scare the locals

Fortunately for the staff of Costa Rica Outward Bound, we were able to hang out with these bros for a couple days, as they took a much needed rest from the harshness of the Costa Rican landscape. In addition to some hearty drinking, a great cookout and the opportunity for the base staff to see more than the same 5 people everyday, we went on a little waterfall rappel, which was an absolute blast. After a short hike down to a river, we hooked in and took down 2 massive waterfalls, then finished by hiking out through the river. A great way to start the day, even if the afternoon was in the office.  In any case, I took a video, although was not able to get any action shots, as it was super wet and my camera is super not waterproof.


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