Want to date a black man?!

I recently spoke about some of the wildly colorful and interesting advertisements I have been witnessing here in Costa Rica. Needless to say, more have been occuing, some with great frequency.  The most recent of which seems to be rather, interesting.

Some where under this gaggle of good looking men is Pandora. However what I think is most interesting is how intelligent the advertisement program thing here must truly be.  It knows we are listening to Michael Jackson, and thus knows that we must be looking for some online black men. It’s funny to me that someone in an office somewhere thought this was a good idea and put this on his/her bosses desk. That boss then said great job, lets put this on the internet for all to see.  And there you have it.

The next step is for these companies to figure out how to change the advertisement to date white women based off of when MJ’s weird skin change/face change happend.


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