How (not) to be an illegal alien

It’s actually super easy, you just don’t let your visa run out.  So in an attempt to quash the harsh and brutal reality of the international police squad finally catching up with me and throwing me into international people jail, I chose to do what many have done before me and commit to a visa run and therefore avoid running into the often spoken of authorities.

Beware traveling gringos, he's out there

This is by all standards, WPP. Not only does a visa run simply mean crossing the border into another country for a mere 3 stamp days(1 full day) prior to return into Costa Rica, I simply went to a beach town that closely resembled what the Jersey Shore would look like with way more coke and inhabited solely by Australians. It’s interesting to me that people spend amazing amounts of time with visa and residency issues within some nations, when all I needed to do in order to re-up was spend a weekend on the beach in a neighboring country, then come home with some super inexpensive duty free alcohol. What gives?

It would be very easy for me to dive into a huge and probably off base discussion of this issue, however I think it probably better to just show the inevitable video of my trip and send you on your way.

However if you really wanna get into it, I’ll start you off with this one: how come traveling is easier for people whose country was started by the British?

And a movie!


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