It’s official, I have seen it all

Once in a while you stumble across something that makes you contemplate a genuine WTF moment. This was certainly had just the other day as I feasted my eyes on this documentary.  It’s a very well made piece of film and has truly done a great job of making me aware of a subculture that I did not know about prior to watching. American Juggalo speaks about the intense cult following of the Insane Clown Posse during their annual week long concert in some kind of woods like area. Complete with copious drug use, red neck nudity, explosives and more DIY clown themed face paint than you have ever seen.

My favorite part by a large margin would have to be the interview that goes something like this, Insane Clown Posse enthusiast: “We have alcohol, we have explosives, let me show you how great we are. Have to put my beer down first. (puts beer down, lights massive explosive, massive explosion occurs). Wow, that one scared me and I usually don’t get scared. Well thanks for having me, we’ll be here all week.”

How do you argue with that kind of logic?


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