Same crap different language

Way back in the day I would regularly see ads and pop ups that made me wonder #1-who in the world would make something like this, #2-does anyone click on this in a serious manner, #3-I really hope there is no one who really clicks on this in a serious manner. Case and point would be the ad for officers of the law in the event of a Jersey Shore Apocalypse.

However being located in a different country means a whole new world of pop up ads. New social standards, different regulations and a different means of catching ones attention (the TNT station here regularly shows boobies, hooray!).  These “different” ads have been particularly apparent as I attempt to listen to grooveshark, the free music service which I hope never goes out of business.  This ad has been showing constantly for months now,

Just what I've always wanted!

Now as you can see here, this product offers quite the interesting result.  Not only will you have a way to communicate with friends and family on the go via the cell phone, but, a means of seeing through people’s clothes, in this case, a very pleasant female rear end. What joy!  Do you have any idea how many times I have been on the phone, talking to my one of my many bros, only to see some fly honey walking down the street fully clothed, the indignity of it all!  Now I will be able to rest easy knowing that at any moment, I can peep right past those pesky clothes, and finally see what we’re all really after.

Which is of course getting a peek at the label on whoever makes that cute skirt!


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