Super mega Costa Rica exploration week with my partner in crime (S&M CREW-PiC)

So I got my first visitor here in the rich coast, and yea it was the world-renowned partner in crime (PiC) (im told cute pen names are all the rage in blogs, previous PiC stories can be found here and here). So the PiC and I no joke had a totally ridiculous time here, we went on a 2 day rafting trip, went to some hippie euro beaches, took a boat taxi and had some dolphins try to jump into the boat, pwned San Jose and ate all of its food, zip lined until they kicked us out, and did some other cool stuff and things too.  I can honestly say this was the coolest vacation in the entire world and we also were had one of those super cool hats that white people wear in tropical situations. So you know it was legit.

Now check out some select shots.

a sample from our river trip

had to fight off the crowds

Video Bonus!

At the risk of going slightly overboard with the videos (but really I might be getting there), I am happy to present my most recent expedition into the wild of Costa Rica.  And by wild, I mean some hippie euro beach towns in a fairly scenic environment.  We did some other stuff too, don’t get me wrong, but the hippie euro beach exploration was something cool and dominates this video hardcore.


9 thoughts on “Super mega Costa Rica exploration week with my partner in crime (S&M CREW-PiC)

  1. I’m behind the times & just now saw this, it is Gorgeous! However I am disappointed the video did not feature any antics of you & your lovely PiC. I want action. ACTION I tell you!

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