Rural hike/ritual staff sacrifices

So this weekend I will be doing some outdoor walking, some call it hiking, but we’re just walking in the woods, don’t let me convince you its anything other than that.  This is by no means an attempt to demean hiking; it’s just to say why is it called a different thing based off of the location?  When you go running in the gym as opposed to running outside, it doesn’t have a different name, so why does this?  Why the whole name change thing?  I just don’t know; this issue is also really unimportant.

Anyway so my co-workers and I are hiking to this village in the woods, some call it the rain forest, but were just in the woods, it’s just wetter.  The reason for this trip is a sort of end of year celebration to say great job to everyone and it just so happens many of our staff hail from this particular village, which is only accessible by a day’s hike.  We will be roasting a pig, and doing other super fun rural Costa Rican things.  I’m not sure what other things we will be doing really because they don’t tell me much, but I’m almost positive they plan on killing me.  I came to this conclusion because my boss made me fill out this really big life insurance policy and then made the organization the beneficiary.  They also told me they were going to kill me.

So in preparation for this trip, I have basically become as excited as a juvenile the day before Christmas.  I’ve almost certainly taken my preparations for this 3-day journey way too far.  But just to settle my nerves, does this seem like enough stuff?  Please tell me, I have no idea.

I'm bringing it all, except the computer. After watching Pineapple Express on it as I packed, I never want to see that thing again.

Also I made some food to eat for my trip, does this seem like enough?  Please tell me, I have no idea.

There was more rice and beans but I ate too much for dinner. Sorry.

So this trip starts today which is super neat.  I’m excited to see how the village deals with their remoteness and lives a completely self-sufficient life style (only power they have is made by a small self-made hydro-generator/they grow their own food/all that kind of stuff).  Before going on this trip, everyone has to take what the organization calls the Anti-Hipster/Smug Asshole test.  The reason for this is we’re prohibited from taking any hipsters to the village because the extreme level of self-sufficiency and closed loop/green living will literally explode the heart and brain of your average hipster/smug douche.  This test is taken very seriously ever since the great hipster disaster of 05’.  Although I passed this test, I think there might have been a mistake as I still have every intention of filming this entire experience with my flip video and then making a movie via iMovie, as would any self-respecting hipster.

So we shall see.  If you see another post, you’ll get a video.  If you don’t, I probably have had a heart/brain explosion or been killed by my co-workers.


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