Woops, my bike is gone

You can plan all you want, sometimes things just don’t work out.  My last weekend was planned much like the others.  Another bike race and more tropical fruit rest stations (who are we kidding I’m doing it for the fruit). Unfortunately my plan for bike ride/fruit eating domination failed.  Lets start at the beginning.

On one of my casual rides, my colleague and I ran into some hombres who were super neat-o.  These were older dudes who ride the mountain bike and they were cool and stuff.  So anyway, we exchanged numbers and more or less just kept in touch until they were all like, hey dudes want to come hang out with us at our friends farm and then go do a mountain bike race?  The answer was of course, hell yes.  So on the Friday before the weekend, we dropped off our bikes with our buddy, as he had room for the bikes but not people.  So we go home and I kinda check out for the night. My colleague went out for the night and was unfortunately mugged, twice in one night.  So he lost his valuables and his cell phone.   He was fortunately alright, however without the cool older mountain bike dude’s phone number, or any way for them to contact us, we would not be able to get in touch with them in order to meet up.  So this in effect canceled our bike weekend, and inadvertently gifted our friends with some bikes in addition to no way of contacting them.

So instead of a mountain bike ride, we went to the beach and got sauced, all in all a good weekend.

There was a pool too

We eventually got the bikes back by finding where our friend lives and knocking on his door, and all is well.  But the moral of the story is that one phone number was super important, but we’re cool now.

White people problems?

Anyone think this story was going in a different direction?


3 thoughts on “Woops, my bike is gone

  1. Yes…I thought it was going in a different direction…and then ….not!! I think the moral is beware of who you drink with??!!

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