Bar hopping and bike riding

It might seem a little bit like a tired topic by this point but I’m not that original so I went on another mountain bike ride/grand fondo thing. As per the standard that I have become accustomed to, there was a

  • Festival like atmosphere with 1,000 well to do Ticos (Costa Ricans) with nice bikes
  • Fantastic cycling product expo type representation thing
  • Better technical support than almost every race I have ever done
  • Delicious rest stops with tropical fruit

Pick a fruit, any fruit

So as you can imagine, the whole thing was a real drag.  However the real fun actually was the night before the ride.  After my delicious meal at the restaurant/some family’s house, we walked around and found what looked like the best deal on beer that I have seen thus far; each beer was 700 colones which is roughly a $1.40.   So one thing led to another, and basically the night turned into an interesting evening of bar hoping with an ex-cop/alcoholic.  My general rule of thumb is, when someone tells you that you should only hang out with him or her because you wont get robbed and killed, you’re probably going to get robbed and killed.

The scene of the crime

So anyway, the evening ended with a karaoke bar and some street food, which was probably the highlight of the evening as it provided a fanatic cross section of rural Costa Ricans whom sing surprisingly well.  So the next morning was a slightly slow start, with completely needed rice and beans and eggs and bread breakfast.  The ride technically started as I was finishing up my meal, but this bothered me about as much as someone giving me a 5-dollar bill for no reason.  Which is to say that missing the grand departure didn’t bother me at all.  So the ride was great; beautiful trails winding through coffee farms along a gorgeous, picturesque valley and ridge.  Here are some pictures.

Fanny packs are still big here, just in case you were wondering

always muddy

So that’s kind of it, good times here.  I’m not sure what I have on the schedule for next weekend, but I hope it includes a nighttime tour by the town drunk/town ex-cop.


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