Hipsters hipsters everywhere

You can fly to any place in the world, and sometimes you simply can’t escape the fact that there are going to be people that think cars are evil, bikes are the only way to travel and jeans need to be super freaking tight.  Such is the case here in Costa Rica in the form of the ChepeCletas.  This organization promotes alternative transportation, seeks a revitalization of San Jose city culture and runs numerous events to help promote their ideal vision for the future of the city.   I agree with them in almost every way, except that I like to have a little bit of give in my jeans, because sometimes I just cant stop eating.

Looks like some liberal hipster propaganda to me

So my friend and I went downtown for one of the ChepeCletas’ evening events not to long ago.  This lovely outing consists of a nighttime city tour around some of San Jose’s oldest and most interesting buildings and parks.  The objective of which is to provide an insightful service to the hipster population of San Jose, and increase their knowledge of the city and thus raise their collective smugness.  The evening begins by everyone introducing themselves and saying what they would want from their ideal city.  My answer was trees, for one because trees are always nice in a city and two this word was easy for me to remember in Spanish. So after our group sharing session we embarked for our tour, which was extremely cool.  I learned quite a lot, like for example they speak Spanish in Costa Rica and when it’s spoken very fast I have a very difficult time understanding things.  I was also told many interesting things about the origins of some amazing structures, saw some fantastically illuminated parks and finally learned the reason why the Costa Rican national liquor makes my head hurt while at a colonial distillery (its rum mixed with indigenous fire water).  I also learned that at closer glance, the prostitutes on many of the street corners are actually men.

This lovely park is perfect for enjoying a nice walk, hanging out, or finding a well priced temporary bed companion

The evening ended with some lovely fruit beverages at an art gallery and some rather embarrassing attempts at socializing with well to do art patrons on my part.

Ill try better next time, but no promises.


One thought on “Hipsters hipsters everywhere

  1. I like the simple writing complimented with your voice. I’ve been to Costa Rica a couple times but not in a really long time and this reminds me of how much I want to go back. Also, love the anarchist bicycle!

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