Riding the rich coast

So far life in Costa Rica has been all the business.  Good food, nice people and tons of reggaeton.  Work at my new employer Costa Rica Outward Bound has been more than enjoyable. Traveling has been lovely, with several locations visited already.  However this weekend, it was decided I needed to make things slightly more difficult than normal.   Why you ask?  Idk. Just cause.  So a co-worker and I took the bikes for a little bus ride, and entered our selves into a Costa Rican mountain bike race.  I would loosely equate this to going to China and entering a ping-pong competition. All difficulty of getting there aside, which was a ton, I would say this was an enlightening experience.

100 Costa Rican Colones to the person who finds the author

The Costa Rican mountain bike population is large, proud and loves their nice expensive bikes.  In addition to all of the bikes being of surprisingly nice quality, due to whatever reason all of the bikes never ever seem to get dirty, which is amazing.  So the race, more or less was what one would expect for bike racing in a rainforest.  Ankle deep mud, waist deep river crossings, mechanicals, a complete lack of safe trails, incomprehensible directions and loads of animal excrement were all part of the day’s racing.  However this in the end created an experience that I will not forget, not matter how hard I try.  After the race, the only way to get back was by riding the ‘long route’ for the casual ride that was also being run on the day.  This afforded a lovely opportunity to see the countryside and hang out with 1,000 of my new Costa Rican mountain bike friends.  After my 5-hour ride, I got back on a public bus and enjoyed my 6-hour spine-shattering ride home.

public buses...hooray!

My next investment in Costa Rica will be a friend, with a car.


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