What’s wrong with my face? Nothing, I just look like this.

Seeing as how most things in my life go fairly well and I have no real turmoil or challenge in my day-to-day existence, I like to force issues onto myself occasionally. This past weekend I did this in the form of a mountain bike race. I greatly enjoy the adventure that mountain biking brings, as it allows for a truly unpredictable and often times rewarding experience. When things go well they are great, when things go wrong, it’s better to wish for any other kind of pain. Even the kind of pain one receives after watching an episode of The Jersey Shore.

Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that

Within the first 20 minutes of my bicycle competition, my fearless steed developed some ailments. These consisted of a flat tire, and a blow out rear hub. Unfortunately this combination of ailments made me crave some Jersey Shore pain, because this mechanical issue was unpleasant to say the least. A quick flat fix and very slow ride/run back to the tech pit was the precursor for what had to be the most panicked hub fix in the history of mankind. After the bike was fixed (or lets say safe enough to ride), I took a moment to realize that not only was I a lap down on the leader, I was also DFL (that’s dead fucking last). The remaining day consisted of making faces like this anytime I encountered obstacles.

Not my best facial expression

Seriously, what is wrong with my face? What purpose does this serve? A day after this race, the sorest part of my body was no joke, my neck. I didn’t know why at the time. Now I do. It’s because I spent the whole day looking like a complete moron. Fortunately for me, there were also times when I appeared moderately normal.

It only looks better because it's farther away

This relative level of normalcy (relative to what should be the question) allowed for me to work my way back up through the competition, eventually finishing in the middle or so.

Which is good enough for my day of forced struggle and turmoil.


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