Ugh, skydiving is so last decade

Constantly “one uping” friends is a stalwart of being painfully vanilla.  One constantly has to being doing something slightly more exciting, difficult, smug, etc.  This can manifest itself in numerous ways, such as being more sustainable, being smarter, or being more adventurous.   However my latest attempt to one up everyone I know has failed miserably.  I recently went skydiving, and it was very cool.  Unfortunately, no one gives a rat’s ass.  Almost everyone I have spoken to about this has either done it more times than me, equates its difficulty and novelty to less than a roller coaster, or simply wants me to shut up and pay the grocery bill because I’m holding up the line.  I paid extra to have my experience filmed, so here it is!

I personally think the hardest part about all this was learning Italian, which is the international language of skydiving and is required to be spoken while skydiving, as you can see in my video.  However the process as a whole is very simple.  You get to the hanger, sign your life away, get about 15 minutes of training, wait around for 3 hours, then jump out of a plane through tiny garage door on the side.  The fall to earth is really quite fun and as I was told it would be, very surreal.  Although hurtling towards the earth at 120-135 mph (depending on how fat you are) seems terrifying, it really isn’t that scary.  You are so far up that it doesn’t even seem real.  It just feels like you are looking out the window of an airplane with 120 mph wind in your face.  In order to simulate this, look at the bellow picture while in a wind tunnel.

Engage wind machine now!

So maybe the reason no one cares about my skydiving is that it’s just not that cool anymore.  By the reactions of others, no one seems to hold this activity in high regard as much as I hoped.  I must have missed the memo on this.  However I’m sure there is someone out there who will find my activity cool, and I will try my best to find him or her.

And then let them know how awesome I am.


2 thoughts on “Ugh, skydiving is so last decade

  1. Since I have not done this and always wanted to..I am impressed. I am talking about how fast you learned Italian.

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