Romance ruined as White People Problems strike

Valentines Day has come and gone, and millions of couple everywhere has enjoyed a lovely evening of dinning/romance.  Unfortunately I am not one of these happy folks.  That’s right, it’s as bad as you could imagine; I had bad restaurant experience and am fraught with WPP.

The indignity of it all! First, they didn’t great me at the front desk for like, 8 minutes.  So rude!  Then we were seated in a cramped section of the restaurant where I was hit anytime someone moved their arms.  They screwed up the order, didn’t have the advertised selection of beer/wine, the service was really bad, the food was overpriced and worst of all poorly cooked and of course took about 14 times longer than I would have liked.  This is the short abridged version of my evening, that doesn’t include my mid-dinner melt-down where I attempted to jump out the window while simultaneously lighting myself on fire with the tiny candles on my fellow patron’s tables.

Now when confronted with a bad dinning experience, I did what any normal, rational person would do.  I tipped 3 percent, and then burned the restaurant down.  Just kidding, I tipped 4 percent.  I still burned it down.

After my PiC’s warranted and obligatory lambasting of the restaurant on Yelp, we have also decided to write them a strongly worded letter asking for a refund (I’m holding my breath for that to work).

The restaurant I picked for my romantic evening had such promise.  Rave reviews, universal praise and notes for a fantastic bar.  So what happened?  WTF HAPPENED?!  Why did it suck so badly?  The answer is new owners.  Ill show you.

I do not like these people.

These dorks ruined my night.  They recently bought the restaurant and are driving it into the ground.  I blame them.  I blame them and so does the world.  They took my lovely evening and the stomped on it with their mindless inefficiencies.  They ruined my night. 

I could go on; however what I realize is I am experiencing an extreme case of WPP, probably the most extreme case in a while.  Honestly, who cares about this issue?  This is not a real problem.  I was not injured (save for my self immolation) and I was not robbed (save for my overpriced meal).  Although I will surely remember this evening as silly, I can walk away knowing I have no real issues.

Except for EXTREME WPP!


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