Training Loud

Staying in a reasonable level of physical fitness is certainly something I attempt to do.  I try my very hardest to ride bicycles with my friends on the weekends, and lately its been a real blast.  Although this hasn’t been mentioned in the past, I belong to a bicycle riding group that occasionally competes in bicycle races.  As I do with all with all things in my life, I only commit to activities and themes that appear on the website stuff white people like.  Riding bikes ranks a respectable 61st, sandwiched in between Toyota Prius at 60, and “knowing what’s best for poor people” at 62 (I’ll save my opinions on saving the planet and how poor people should get a fuckin job for later).  Recently our bicycle oriented group got our new matching bicycles.  This photo below gives you an idea of our bicycle bounty.

The real trouble is figuring out which one is mine...

So with the bike, I ride as much as I can.  However as I am a full-time desk jockey, I ride a swivel chair more than a bike during the week.  And once I get done with my prestigious position in the desk jockey world, it’s too dark and cold to ride bikes.  Therefore if I want to ride my new bike, I have to commit to one of the stranger aspects of cycling, which is an indoor trainer ride.  I wont attempt to describe, I will show.

It’s as ridiculous as it looks

So basically this turns a bike into a stationary/spin bike type deal.  So anyway, I will do this every now and then.  Although you might think this activity is smiled upon by all, such is not the case.  As I live in a rather older home, the walls and floor are not very thick.  And even though I live in a house, the basement is rented out separately to a trio of fun-loving folks.  Apparently, they do not like when I ride the trainer and the reason for this is a complex and confusion combination of reasons.  For one, the sound of the trainer scares their cat, which is a hilarious image that I love to think about.  Another thing is that the noise annoys them.  And that’s it (I lied about the confusing/complex thing).

I like to think about my neighbors issues as WPP, however perhaps driving a person’s cat insane is a real problem, I’m not sure.  Now like all things in life, there are many sides to the story.  I never complain about the astoundingly loud opera nights they have, or the mob like karaoke nights they host, or the extravagant dance parties that will happen, or the late night cigarette/yelling sessions outside my bedroom window.  So I would like to think that we will commit to a live and let be loud type of situation.  I wont comment on the second comming of Elton John in my basement, and they wont comment on me getting my swell on.

Sounds like a good deal to me.


6 thoughts on “Training Loud

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