Super Bowel

Every year Amuricans celebrate the super bowl.  Although this sentence initially feels like an example given to first graders learning the basics of sentence structure, I am struck by its truth.  For reasons that are super obvious, we all get freakin pumped to watch grown men/medically enhanced super humans run fast for 20 seconds, take a 4 minute commercial break, and then repeat untill one group scores more home runs than the other.  The running part is cool, but who are we kidding, its the celebration of consumer culture that gets us excited (Disney movie excited not Kim Kardashian Sketchers commercial excited).  Lets take a look at some of the fine commercials one could have seen last night.

Now in this desperate plea for help, we see sketchers throwing everything they possibly can at us to make it seem like Kim Kardumbassian is getting the business from muscle man.  However she is in fact ending her business relationship with this guy (personal training business that it), because she’s got shoes that will make her boobs, stomach, arms, face, ass, legs, etc so awesome that she no longer needs to commit to her daily routine of rubbing oil all over body, dressing up in the worlds most ineffective workout clothes/most effective stripper clothes and then working out with a professional trainer (but really just not eating anything while covered in oil). I wont go much farther than this, because I think it’s well established that Kardashians are whores of any kind of attention they can get and are only famous because of their publically embarrassing mistakes. So this commercial is nothing special.

This commercial is more sad than anything else.  The reason I say this is because I think that Danica Patrick is selling out, and making a fool out of herself in order to sell  Perhaps what I’m saying is actually the uninformed and sexist perspective (maybe this will spark a conversation in the comments box, hint hint) but I feel that insinuating she’s naked and you can see it on is a silly message to send.  Is the only reason that Danica is famous because we want to see her naked?  Is she famous for this and not because of her impressive driving abilities?  Why can’t she just be famous for driving and not because she happens to be good-looking? I understand its likely that she’s popular because she is a woman and beautiful, but I don’t think she would be as popular if she didn’t win and do well in addition.  I also understand that perhaps because she is pretending to take her clothes off that some might see this as empowered, however I would like to hope that she wouldn’t need to result to this type of Kardashian bullshitery in order to sell her product.  I personally thought it was better when she had other sponsors that were more interested in her winning races than teasing Superbowl fans with her goodies.  I understand sex sells, but so does winning.  I liked it better when she was simply a good racer, beautiful and a lady.


9 thoughts on “Super Bowel


  2. Godaddy ads and beer ads were sexist and stupid this year (unsurprising). But compared to last year, with ads as overwhelmingly stupid and offensive as this one I think they managed to turn down the misogyny a little bit this year.

  3. I’m with you on the Danica Patrick. I have so much respect for what she’s doing for the image of women in a male-dominated sport whose demographic, IMperhapsignorantO, is the most sexist and would most benefit from her presence. GoDaddy has always done the “sexiest” commercials it could, and I don’t doubt that they work, but I can’t help but losing a little bit of respect for her. She’s done some racy photo shoots in the past too. In my defense I’ve never gone to godaddy to “see what happens next”.

  4. Go Daddy commercials are created in-house – not many legit agencies would want this crap on their reel. As for Sketchers – they can’t keep those sneakers in stock. Seems many women want to look like Kim – or at least her huge booty.

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  6. irony is an ironic dope. she wins because she can drive a fast car really fast and well. her weight has nothing to do with beating heavier competetors. Indy, NASCAR, and Grand Prix competition is not horse racing where weight does count. —

  7. to be fair, any reduction in weight counts. google tells me she’s 100 pounds, and some other driver in nascar weighs 200. apparently all their cars have to weigh exactly the same. ask some team in another non-weight regulated series how much they’d spend to shave 100 pounds off and they’d probably tell you it would be worth tens of thousands to them.

    I hate to have to spend time discrediting the anti-danica post but google says jeff gordon weighs 150lbs while robby gordon weighs 200, has anyone suggested jeff gordon is only fast because he’s 50lbs lighter? there’s no argument that danica is one of the fastest racers in the world regardless of her weight. It would be interesting if they changed the weight requirements to include the driver’s mass but do we really need to give fat people another excuse not to stay fit?

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