And we thought we had problems

Although it feels like all justice in the world has faded when that caramel frapacino came without the explicitly ordered whipped cream, in general the United States of America is a really super neat place to live.  We reside in country that is so stable and so peaceful, that we have nothing to complain about except the trivial issues (White People Problems) surrounding our pampered lifestyles.  Other places in the world have what many would call,  fuckin serious problems or FSP.  Take Egypt for example, a country which I was fortunate enough to travel to and study in.

As you can see, Egypt is in the middle of a very serious protest.  Their president, Hosni Mubarak, has been in power for over 30 years.  He took power after his predecessor, Anwar El-Sadat, was assassinated in an unbelievably violent fashion.  Anwar El-Sadat took power after his predecessor, the famed Gamal Abdel Nasser, died of a heart attack.

Although president Mubarak has technically won numerous elections, his victories have been universally seen as corrupt and illegitimate.  Mubarak generally wins over 90 percent of the votes and his political opponents are conveniently arrested days before the elections or anytime he sees fit.  This ease in arresting people without due process is because for the entire 30 years of his rule, Mubarak has held the country under a “state of emergency”, allowing for an unparalleled use of “legal” force.  This constant state of emergency and general intolerance for any kind of political change or cultural/business/national advancement has led to the unfortunate situation we see now.  Much of the entire country is rioting and protesting the rule of Mubarak, and they want him to leave.

Imagine if this happened in the United States?  What if we were ruled by a tyrant who could arrest at any point?  What if all we saw were burned cars and lawless streets, with tanks parked downtown?  I for one can not even imagine it.  It is so far from reality, that its impossible.  We have a secure rule of law, and even if we disagree with politicians at time, we know that there are guidelines and structures that allow for a democratic execution of laws.  I for one am glad that we have this system, and hope the Egyptians can find what they are looking for in their current struggle.

This truly is a time to celebrate White People Problems, because its better than Fuckin Serious Problems.


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