Christmas comes late, but sex tapes come soon

Although I can hardly remember the official day when we open our gifts and chill with the family, I am now enjoying the second coming of Christmas.  Just this week, I was given a belated gift by my partner in crime (PiC), or CCC as I previously said, however I can’t make up my mind on a good acronym.  The gift is, a “flip video” mini hd video camera from the good people at Cisco.  To put it mildly, it is fucking sweet as hell. 

Surprise videos ahoy!

For the first time in a long time, I am acting like I did when I would get a Lego set in the 4th grade.  I have to show all my friends and let them know how much more of a complete person I am now.  Also, how empty their pathetic lives are without the joy of a flip video system.  In any case, it’s now time to join the hallowed halls of moronic and bored people everywhere.  Its time to film a sex tape.

Celebrities everywhere seem to “lose” these “secret” tapes all the time.  In fact, the scope to which people lose these tapes is simply amazing.  Research has shown that it can happen to nearly anyone, and it’s always an angry ex lover’s fault or some other bs reason (  In reality, sex tape scandals always happen to desperate folks attempting to claw onto the last remaining scraps of fame they imagine that they have.  I think its time for me to jump into this game.

Now many of you out there (approx 3 to 4 people) might be asking, “isn’t the allure of a celebrity sex tape the fact that you are seeing something that one would normally not be able to see, and their position in the public’s eye makes them unattainable, and thus more desirable”?  Well the answer to this is yea I guess you’re right.  I’ll probably just film things like midget wrestling and people riding their bikes.

Have a good weekend.  Not a great one, just a good one.


9 thoughts on “Christmas comes late, but sex tapes come soon

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