Santa time has come and gone

Christmas time and a new year are already past us and I am not sure if I took enough notes about all of the wonderful things that have happened.  I began my winter break with a trip home to the magical land of New Jersey.  Many things happen here, including tanning and jager bombs.  However this trip was for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, not the birth of a 9 month reminder of that trip to the Jersey Shore.  Here is photographic evidence of my celebrations.

I pray to the harbinger of toys

Trips to the mall, wrapping up gifts, it’s all for the same cause, praying to God.  Anyway.  This year, I was able to head on up to the Vert Mont, or Vermont as it is now known.  This trip was delayed slightly by a whole bunch of snow, which was quickly and efficiently snow blown out of my way with the help of my assistant and crime committing companion (CCC).

Once in the green mountain state, I was able to take part in one of the time-honored traditions of being painfully vanilla.  That’s right, Skiing (the two “i” in there are tricky right?).  When one skis, its possible to bask in the glory that is chair lift rides.  Chair lift rides are an amazing time when you are able to sit with people who will chat about anything and everything without any care about who is next to them.  Seeing as how I will almost always go into the singles lane due to its vastly superior line wait time, I am able to have a 5-10 minute window in to people’s lives while we sit on the upward bound chair.  We share an immediate bond by successfully getting on the chair lift without falling off, then they continue their personal conversations without caring im there.  Topics that I became apart of: High School girls scheming to date their friends boyfriends, recent college grads extolling the virtues of not having a job, little kids talking about how tired they are, 20 somethings (with pearls) talking about how much they loathe their friends, numerous rants about how snowboarders are the scourge of the earth, and of course the requisite “this place is nothing like when I/we ski out west blah blah blah I travel the world etc etc”.

In all, my trip was fantastic.  I enjoyed it immensely and will walk away happy.  Although I’m sure the west coast is as infinitely better for skiing as I’m told over and over again by my chair lift companions, I will not say anything bad about my east coast skiing experience.  That would wreak of WPP.


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