Everyone’s a critic, but only a few wear croakies

Yesterday I spoke briefly on one of the foundations of being painfully vanilla, which is none other than White People Problems or, WPP.  However immediately after that post, I was lambasted for not making the post more personal.  In my defence, yesterday’s post was merely meant to introduce a theme central to many lives.  A theme which I personally strive to defeat and encourage others to do as well.  As I adventure through life I am sure to encounter many types of people.  What I am beginning to see is even though they might be super jacked, tan, smell like when you walk past an Abercrombie and Fitch, have a sweet blow out and a kick ass pair of D and G shades, they still have WPP.

With that aside, my local region recently received our first snowfall of the season.  I can only image the intensity and fear some felt as they saw this magical white powder.  Some people skipped work, others simply stared at the the snow isntead of doing work.  In reality, this snowfall was insignificant in comparison to last year’s which was often associated with the end of times.

woops, too much snow = the apocalypse

Although I can assure you we saw none of the requisite 4 horsemen riding around yesterday, there was a significant decrease in a specific type of riding.  That’s right, bike riding.  I am what many would call a fair weather bike commuter.  I am also what many of the serious people who ride bikes would call a complete pussy.  Fortunately I did not ride my bike to work as I would have probably had a difficult time getting home.  This lack of bike was due to going to yet another holiday party the night before (3 in row, beat that suckers), and then not sleeping in the same house as my bike. This forced my hand, and I therefore took the bus from a neighborhood that I am forced  to rename, “Southern Fraternal Relocation Area” (fun game: count the WPP you’ve read so far).  The re-naming comes out of necessity, due to it being completely occupied with those hailing from the “croakie culture”.  I searched far and wide for a definition of croakie culture, however it turns out there is none, so we shall go with Urban Dictionary’s choice of words for southern frat as I belive these to be close enough:

A clothing style and culture that originated from quality Fraternities in the Southeast. The clothing style includes brands such as Polo, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Sperry topsiders, New Balance, North Face, Mountain Hardware, Costa Del Mar w/ crookies, Ray Ban wayfarers ect. Southern frat boys differ in many ways in comparison to Northern frat boys, in both clothing and attitude. Recently some Northern frats have adopted the southern frat clothing style, though they lack the southern frat culture and attitude.

Another key way to tell this is that it looks like their mother dressed them, or they look like a Dad (they will also be a little soft in the tummy).  Anyway, im sure we will speak more on this fantastic group of people at a later time, as they are  immensely entertaining.

In all, my morning bus trip was pleasant and enjoyable.  After that I did my job, went to the gym, made a tasty dinner, and went to sleep.  Kinda boring, but I like to think I did it very well, and made it look very cool/exciting.

Today’s morning was equally vanilla and plain, with a trip on the bus beginning my day.  However the indignity of it all came to fruition when the bus ended its service about 15 minutes walk (20 minutes timid snowish walk) from my office.  As this will likely be the most difficult and challenging portion of my day (the walk was actually rather pleasant) I think I will leave with this, as im sure my day will only become more pleasant from this point on.

Have a lovely weekend.


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