Good Afternoon

Hi.  I live in a city, and my life is painfully vanilla.  That’s not to say this is a bad thing, it’s just so normal it hurts.  Although people are generally attracted to things that excite them, I’m hoping to excite and interest people with the basic and often boring aspects of my life.  Perhaps this will then inspire others to be happy with their own painfully vanilla lives. Either that or they simply stop reading and ask that I spend my time on other things.

Although you can find this excerpt in the “about” section of this blog, i figured I would start off with this in order to help explain my purpose here.  As I sit behind my desk today, I will admit that I have far to go in terms of the aesthetic of this blog.  Designs must be made, stuff and things must be uploaded, and I must quickly find people to read this.

In coming posts, I will  further my goal of telling you things about myself, that I believe justify my painfully vanilla nature.  I hope this goes to glorify, not demean my existence.  However im sure I will find a way to mess that up.

This is an ancient photo of my younger brother and me at our cousins graduation. Even as a child, I was painfully vanilla.


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